Irrespective of which program below (or combination) suits you best, there is a set of new exercises to follow every 3 weeks and a personal scoresheet to capture your efforts.

The simple aim of the PHIIT method is to learn the techniques and set a benchmark reflective of your best ability in week 1 of the program. The aim is to then simply set targets to improve on those week 1 efforts throughout the course of the 3 week program.

Trainers will be present to help support and guide you during manned hours, and will also help co-construct a new program to follow every 3 weeks.

(Low Impact)

Strength & Conditioning is a resistance based program designed to help develop Strength, coordination and general conditioning. This program will make you feel stable, athletic, more robust and help safeguard against risk of injury. Designed by experts in the physical preparation of athletes and using our custom designed floating cable pulleys and attachments, this program will help take your training, and physical ability to the next level.

(Low - Med Impact)

The NEW HIIT Pad program is Cardio fitness based and involves a wide variety of basic, yet highly effective and fun strike based movements coupled with challenging yet achievable conditioning and core exercises. This program features our patented height adjustable HIIT Pad, which is brand new to the world of fitness and which must be tried to feel just how friendly they are on the body. Now you can strike the pad as hard as you like and get a terrific workout without the risk of injury!

(No Impact, No Soreness)

The BIKE ERGO program is both Cardio & Resistance based and utilises the latest Bike Ergometers from Concept 2. It isn’t about the tool, it’s HOW you use the tool that matters when it comes to getting results and the BIKE ERGO program enables you to really develop your ability to work hard and recover quickly between efforts, and sessions. These bikes are designed specifically to accurately measure personal performance and will develop your fitness and ability to sustain repeated efforts at pace. This program is one of the most honest and therefore effective programs.

(No Impact, No Soreness)

The SKI ERGO program is both Cardio & Resistance based and utilises the latest Ski Ergometers from Concept 2. The Ski Ergometer program enables you to really develop your capacity for work in each interval and work hard using a myriad of different key CHAIN movements that you will learn from watching our Technique Screen. These Ski Ergs will accurately measure your performance throughout each section of each session ad will help drastically improve your energy, fitness and conditioning.